Saturday, May 27, 2006

Inspiration Post Two-Shopping

After Cristina's well-timed and much-appreciated idea to extend our deadline, I've had some time to consider and refine ideas about what I will be making.

A recent trip to the fabric store yielded some buying,

(I didn't buy the cat; she was already mine. She was just considering whether my purchase was for eating or sitting on. Luckily, the camera seemed to be interesting, too and she did neither.)

but more ideas.

It seems to always be this way with me. If I am in a knitting slump, a trip to the yarn store inspires me. The fabric store, the craft store, and especially the book store (we all need more craft books) either give me a specific project (why reinvent the wheel?), or inspire one.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Inspiration Post One-A picture is worth at least a postcard stamp

Hello fellow crafty cooks. We are one week down (eep) in Recipe Postcard Swap, and, if you are anything like me, you are highly intimidated by the crafty part of the swap (the cooking part, not so much).

I've been racking the old noggin for ideas and I have one (just one, we have to keep some mystery) I'd like to share.

Pictures are a great idea for this swap. It seems obvious in a way. In fact, that's what I thought when I was toying with the idea of using pictures for my end of the swap. Then I started thinking. Pictures are freakin' hard. First of all, what if I send my pictures to a professional photographer unknowingly and forever reveal what a lame dilettante I am?

Then I said (not out loud) Beth, get a grip. Who cares? You live in San Francisco,

And have traveled to Italy,

And have crossed the country.

Who cares if these pictures are not professional?

And I kept thinking (cause I was walking to work and had no distractions) about why I felt so strange about using these pictures. I finally arrived at the conclusion that if I am going to send pictures, they need to tell a story. A famous bridge or a Tuscan rooftop or a sweeping vista are the kinds of pictures a professional might use, but I would rather use something personal.

If I am going to use a picture about somewhere I live I should use the one of the path hubby and I found while hiking on Mount Diablo.

Or the picture my mom sent me from her spring garden because she knows Lupins are my favorite flowers and they remind me of home (and PEI).

Italy was fantastic, and beyond the quaint village of Panzano, I found the mausoleum in Pisa eerily beautiful.

As for my cross country trip, one of my favorite moments was seeing the tunnels just like in the road runner . Who wouldn't love that?

If I decide to send pictures, I'm going to send something personal. After all (cue after school special music), isn't that the point?

Monday, April 24, 2006

One Week Left

Hello crafty swappers.

Did you know there is just one week left to sign up for Betty Crafter's Recipe Post Card Swap? If you haven't signed up and want to join, send us an email or post a comment here.

If you have signed up, welcome! We are adding your names and links to the sidebar as you email us with your information. You will receive the names and addresses of your swap partners when sign-ups close.

So keep thinking of those recipes and postcards. You will hear from us soon!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Recipe Post Card Swap - Sign-Up OPEN

Recipe Post Card Swap

The recipe post card swap will allow you to share your favorite recipe, and receive some tasty recipes in return. You also get to show your crafty side with original art work on the post card!

To join the recipe swap:

1. Contact us by May 1 to join. Please include in the email (

+Mailing Address
+E-Mail Address
+Blog URL (if you have one)
+Recipe Category (dessert, salad, main dish, drink).

2. Find your favorite recipe.

3. Put the recipe on the back of 10 homemade (not store bought) postcards.

4. Decorate the front of the postcard. The postcard can be decorated with:

+Quilted Fabric
+Pictures of something you made, or anything creative!

The postcard cannot be:
+Store bought

5. Send the postcards to the 10 people from the list that we will provide. Make sure the postcard is POST-MARKED BY June 1.

6. Wait anxiously for your 10 news pieces of artful recipes to arrive in the mail.

7. Make some new recipes and enjoy your new artwork.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ's below before you email us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do I need to include on my postcards?
Please include a recipe on the back side and your artwork on the front. Also include your blog address on the front (if you have one!).

2. What do you mean by “art work?”
The front of the postcard needs to be decorated with your artwork. This can include a collage, a photograph you took, a picture, copies of a picture you drew, fabric pieces sewn to the postcard, a painting, stamping. Be Creative! Please no store-bought cards or anything offensive. Check out Little Mochi’s postcard swap gallery for ideas!

3) What size should my postcard be and what should it be made of?
Per the US Postal Service, "post cards must be rectangular and be made of unfolded and uncreased card stock. Minimum - 3.5"x5", 0.007" thick, maximum - 4.25"x6", 0.016" thick"
It's up to you what size and materials you want to use for your postcard. However, if you choose to send postcards that are not a standard size or fragile (e.g. a collage) you may want to send the postcard in an envelope to ensure its delivery.
And please be sure to address your postcards carefully and legibly. It would be such a shame to have your postcard not make it to its final destination.

5) Do I need to make 10 different postcards?
No, but you can if you want; it’s up to you. They can be 10 identical cards, or all different.

6) Will I be receive postcards from the people on my list?
You will receive postcards from 10 people that may or may not appear on your list.

7) Does my recipe have to be original?
Including an original recipe would be great, but feel free to use your favorite recipe from a cookbook. If you do use a cookbook recipe, please give the book credit so the recipient can check out more recipes or buy the book.

8) I want the world to see my postcard. How can I do that?
Scan or photograph your postcards before you mail them out and
email us the picture for the flickr postcard gallery. Please do this! We want to record the artwork on which you worked so hard. And don't forget to give credit and visit the bloggers that spent so much time to send you their lovely recipe!

9) What do you mean by "recipe category?"
We want our swap participants to have the best experience possible. To make sure that happens, think about what kind of recipe you will use for the swap. Will it be an appetizer or a dessert? Will it be a main course or a drink? Let us know when you email us (or as soon as you decide) so we can be sure all the participants have a variety of new recipes.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Betty Crafter 101

We are finally up and running!

Betty Crafter is a blog created by us, Cristina and Beth. We have combined our love of all things crafty with our love of cooking (and eating) great food. The blog will be devoted to running swaps that do just that.

Soon, we will launch our ingenious and (soon to be) popular recipe post card swap.

For now, we want to get the word out. If you like sharing recipes and, of course, crafting, then sign up for our email updates. Just email us at with the word "Betty Crafter Updates" in the title, & we will keep you updated, letting you know when the swap (and future swaps) start! Yes folks, it's THAT easy!

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by comment or email if you have any questions.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Welcome to Betty Crafter